Our handcrafted ceramic bowls and salad bowls

Discover our contemporary design bowls and salad bowls handcrafted in our Elephantom.Design workshop

Practical and artistic, the Elephantom Design salad bowls, and bowls are both useful in the kitchen as well as when it is time to put the small dishes in the big ones. Their unique and elegant design adds the touch of originality that transforms your table decoration into a convivial place to celebrate.

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Elephantom Design offers you ceramics that invite you to Look, Travel and Feel 

In my ceramics workshop located south of Brussels in Belgium, I design tableware and decorative objects in a craft way. My hands shape, wheel thrown and mould each ball of clay to create unique, original and contemporary objects that embody in them the story of their creation. Although I do my best to make two bowls from the same series look as similar as possible, no bowl shaped in the studio is exactly the same as another. If you look at the details, you will be able to feel the trace of my hands.

At the beginning of an Elephantom Design collection, there is an artistic idea and the desire to invite you to Look, Travel and Feel. I create " tableware " and " decorative objects " collections inspired by extraordinary landscapes or natural phenomenons. Therefore, you will find collections such as Lagoon, Pyrenees, Basalt, Cocoa, etc.

When creating a ceramic crockery item, I play with textures and then leave part of the clay naked. By this way, I invite you to feel the play of textures beneath your fingers.

With my ceramic creations, I hope to transmit the warmth that only an entirely hand-made object can provide.

Put the small dishes in the big ones with Elephantom Design handmade ceramics.

Sparkle up the festive days with a beautiful dinner decoration

As it seems we also eat with our eyes, I create complete and elegant dinner services composed of bowls and salad bowls entirely handmade in my ceramic studio.

Impress your guests from the very first moment of the aperitif by presenting your dishes and cocktails in a chic and elegant way. What could be better than a large handmade salad bowl with a trendy and refined design to present your delicious sangria, punch or rum-based cocktail? It will thrill your guests while at the same time they will be captivated by your small dipper bowls filled with cheddar sauce in which to dip their nachos straight out of your handcrafted ceramic bowl.

From appetizer to dessert, Elephantom proposes the perfect serving dish. There is nothing better than a uniquely glazed stoneware dish for the presentation of your appetizers. A large design bowl will present big portions to be shared for your great dinner parties.

Find the durable bowls you need for everyday use

Dining together as a family or with our loved ones is an important moment of sharing. Those precious times of the week when we gather together are essential. They enable us to talk about the events of the day, to take part in lively discussions, to share memories and to create new ones as well.

In the online ceramics shop www.elephantom.design you will find salad bowls, bowls, cups in various shapes and sizes. Each ceramic collection on the e-shop is made of different materials, textures and colours giving you a choice of glazed stoneware or porcelain salad bowls.

I make sure that each bowl and each salad bowl that leaves my ceramist's workshop is strong enough to last a lifetime. They are made of a solid ceramic material, strengthened by the hand work applied to them and by firing them at high temperatures to prevent them from chipping and breaking at the slightest stroke. The ceramic objects are not unbreakable either, so don't test their resistance by throwing them on the floor.

Short guide to serving bowls sizes from the smallest to the largest :

  • The small bowl - It fits in one hand. Very useful, you will use it to put some mixed nuts, salsas for the appetizer, small cheese dices. They have the ideal size to contain the essential accompaniments for any good meal.
  • The bowl - Perfect for everyday use and for special occasions, this is a dish that fits all contents. Cereal bowl, soup bowl, ... This is THE bowl for any occasion, the one that is usefull in any kitchen with just a difference, this one is handmade. Its unique design will catch the eye.
  • The large bowl - Higher than the ramen bowl, it is very useful either to prepare a small fresh salad, to prepare biscuit dough or if you simply need new bowls to present your vegetables or roast potatoes. The large bowl will add a touch of style that will make you feel more chic than usual.
  • The salad bowl - Whether you are preparing spaghetti, a large mixed salad or potato salad, the handmade stoneware or porcelain bowls from Elephantom Design are the best option. With these beautiful salad bowls, absolutely everything you prepare and serve will look more stylish, more elegant and more refined.
  • The Fruit Bowl - If you are looking for a way to place all the fruit you like to eat each week, stoneware fruit bowls can help you present these sweet and savoury delights in an elegant way while adding warmth to your kitchen decor. Not only are the hand-crafted fruit bowls perfect for placing fresh produce, but they can also be used to serve salads, pasta or soups in large quantities.
  • Centrepieces - If you're looking for something different to spice up your interior design, look for pretty centrepieces that will definitely spark some interest. Used as a decorative piece, they will make your interior shine in a luxurious way.

Thank you for visiting my collections. Take a look, you will find the serving bowls that will meet your needs and make your eyes sparkle.

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