• Environmentally friendly and sustainable craftsmanship •

Elephantom.Design finds its origins in the handcrafted creations of a biologist with a passion for design and nature. The preservation of the environment has, from the very beginning, been of paramount importance in the ceramics crafting process.

The word "ceramics" sometimes evokes large-scale industrial manufacturing processes: energy-intensive, water-intensive and use of products that are sometimes toxic to the environment.  Elephantom.Design has taken the decision to re-imagine things from the very beginning, even before setting up the workshop, to make its production as eco-responsible as possible, at every step, from the purchase of raw materials to the final delivery to our customers.

It starts even before the workshop:

  • 🚴 With raw materials purchased as close as possible to the creative studio
  • 🥇 Clays used include locally-sourced clays, which you will find in the Diversity collection

Then, directly in the workshop :

  • 🔆 A potter's wheel, a hood for enamelling, heating during the winter, a kiln at 1250°C. All the energy consumed to power the workshop is totally compensated for by the production of solar energy
  • 💯 The kiln runs only once it is fully filled - this slightly increases our production time for plate orders but reduces their carbon footprint
  • 🌧 The use of water was thought through to take advantage of Belgium's rainy climate.  The workshop's water circuit is connected to a large rainwater cistern and rainwater that falls on the roof of the workshop is also collected in a second cistern
  • ☔ We avoid unnecessary waste of this precious rainwater. A large container is placed in the workshop sink to re-use rainwater coming from the faucet to clean the tools during the entire working day
  • 💧Prior to returning dirty rainwater to the sewer, it circulates in a settling tank to clarify it. This removes most suspended particles and makes the rainwater cleaner
  • 🌍 You can easily lose 50% of the clay when creating a new item. This "clay waste" is not unnecessarily thrown away - it is recovered and recycled so that it can be reused, like new clay, to craft new items.

And finally, when preparing your parcels:

  • 📦 Our cardboard packaging is made of recycled and/or recyclable materials. The sheets of paper used to protect our gift boxes are made of recyclable paper
  • 🤩 The free and sturdy gift box in which you will receive your ceramics is reusable - keep it for storing your items around the house
  • 🐠 You won't find any plastic in our homemade packaging. Only our partners' lighting fixtures could have some small plastic packaging - we are working on it!

Elephantom.Design ceramics are designed to avoid over-consumption:

  • 💪 Elephantom.Design ceramics are made to last for many years, unless you drop them on the floor. They are fired at 1250°C, with green energy, making them particularly strong and resistant. In normal use, you won't have to replace them anytime soon!

At Elephantom, we aspire to continue our efforts to offer you beautiful collections, while working for an even more ecological production 🌿. Do you have any ideas for us? Do not hesitate to share them with us via our contact form. We will be delighted to hear from you and to improve even further. 

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