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This is the latest novelties section! Handmade ceramics fresh from the kiln. Several times a month, you will find here the latest creations from the Elephantom.Design studio.

Elephantom.Design "Feel the rumbles from the depths of the earth"

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• Keep an eye on this page. This is where ceramics just out of the kiln make their first appearance •

This Elephantom.Design online shop page is THE page to check out to find the newest handmade ceramics crafted in the workshop! This is the corner of new discoveries: "Tableware" and "Decorative Objects" creations fresh out of the kiln.

Bring a touch of freshness to your home and find the gift idea that will surely please. Several times per month, the Elephantom.Design online store offers you new products for your greatest pleasure, and mine. So keep a close eye on it!

A beautiful stoneware salad bowl for your family meals, beautiful plates for a table with a unique character large flower potholders for a home entrance decorated with fabulous plants and many other novelties are available.

Whether your home decor is Scandinavian, industrial or inspired by a bohemian touch, easily renew your universe, fall for our decorative creations and our handmade tableware. They will make your interior sparkle anew!

• Doubly trendy! With Elephantom.Design, handmade ceramic is In and online • 

Ceramic is "In"

Porcelain services are no longer the ones we discovered in our grandparents' cupboards when we were children. The stoneware creations play the game of new and surprising shapes and to positively transform our living rooms.

More and more sensitive to the beautiful things of craftsmanship and wishing to rediscover original, unique and story-telling objects, we bring back to life the first material to be shaped by men. That's why Elephantom.Design offers you to welcome the authentic, the singular, the beautiful and the handmade into your home. Plates, tea and coffee sets, vases, centerpieces and many other decorative creations entirely handmade in stoneware or porcelain.

Be seduced and bring the charm of the original and trendy craftsmanship to your interior design!

Elephantom.Design, the online slowlife craft store

In the Elephantom.Design pottery workshop, Aurélie handcrafts beautiful objects from clay or porcelain. Creations with a story, bearing the gesture marks that helped shape them, unique items or made in very small batches, honoring an ancestral heritage.

No matter whether we talk about art, slowlife or crafts, the idea is to answer the need to bring more poetry to everyday life. To propose a way to consume smarter while simultaneously creating a unique, trendy and timeless interior design.

Aurélie makes raw material and enamel react, plays on material effects to offer you creations you will be pleased to look at and touch. She offers you objects bearing the trace of their creation. A hymn to slowdeco, made accessible all over in Europe thanks to her Belgian online shop www.elephantom.design.

• Eco-responsible and sustainable craftsmanship • 

Elephantom.Design is also a biologist's craft with a passion for design and nature. It was therefore essential to create while focussing on to the preservation of the environment.

Truth bein said, there is often an apprent opposition between "ceramic creation" and " environmental respect ". It requires the consumption of a large quantity of water, two energy-intensive firings necessary to obtain the beautiful creations of metallic oxides are used... It was therefore necessary to rethink the process before setting up the workshop in order to limit its ecological footprint as much as possible.

It starts directly in the workshop :

    • 🔆 The energy which allows to use the potter's wheel, to keep the workshop warm, to activate the hood and especially to fire the beautiful ceramics, comes from solar energy and the kiln runs only when it is completely filled.
    • ☔ The water use had to be thought about as well. A pottery workshop uses water to throw, wash the material, prepare glazes, clean the work surface... The water circuit of the workshop is therefore connected to a large rainwater reservoir. We have even added a large barrel at the back of the workshop to collect the rainwater that has fallen on the workshop’s roof.
    • 🪣 The idea of using containers to reuse water during the day quickly became evident: it wasn't possible that this precious rainwater that we store could be wasted by running water from the tap. A large container is therefore placed in the sink. It allows me to clean the equipment I use throughout the day without having to turn the tap back on.
    • 💧A settling tank collects the dirty water to clean it before it goes down the drain. The water that comes out is therefore already cleaned of its waste.
    • When shaping new creations, a part of the clay is always wasted. This "clay waste" is recycled to be reused to craft new items. There is therefore no clay waste

Then during the preparation of your orders:

    • ♻️ You will not find any plastic or non-recyclable materials in your packages, we only use recyclable paper and cardboard. The paper used to protect the gift box during transport is recycled and recyclable paper. The beautiful gift box protecting your ceramics can be reused to store your precious souvenir objects. It is also a box that can be used to store everything in those hot spots that are difficult to keep organized in a house. Inside this packaging, your ceramics are protected from breakage thanks to honeycombed cardboard that can be placed in your cardboard trash cans and will be recycled.

Solid to the core, Elephantom.Design ceramics help avoid overconsumption:

    • 🍶 Elephantom.Design ceramics are designed to be durable. Fired at high temperature, with solar energy, they are solid and will not chip, under normal use. You will not need to replace them anytime soon!

I’m sure, there are still many possible improvements to make Elephantom.Design ceramics completely green. We endeavor to continuously make our creations greener and are always looking for new ideas to reduce our ecological footprint. Feel free to share your ideas 🌿. We will be happy to discuss with you on this subject and to our eco-responsible practices further improve.

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