7 Good Reasons to Offer a Gift Crafted by a Belgian Artist

As Christmas approaches, it's once again Black Friday time. What if this year, instead of multiplying the gifts under the tree, we were to find "the" gift, the rare gem, which will not only bring happiness to our loved ones but also offer real meaning. Here are 7 good reasons to go beyond standard gift ideas and to bet on Belgian craftsmanship. Let's talk about it! 😉

1 - Craftsmanship has the wind in its sails!

Young adults have a breathtaking sensitivity, their way of perceiving the world has changed. They are now turning to more sustainable and ecological products while still being attracted by "beauty", uniqueness and design. They go for mouth-blown glass, macramé hangers, handcrafted ceramic dishes and decorative objects, the jewelry of a real local jeweller, all more original than the others. And in their craze, they are showing the path to all other generations. From the early sketch to the final crafting of items, handwork reinvents itself step by step to win back its well-deserved place atthe heart of the creation process. The craftsman imagines, giving birth to an idea to which his hands hasten to give life! Today, he is once again the essential link between know-how and modernity!

Suspension murale en macramé réalisée à la main

Transmettre les gestes permettant de tourner sur le tour de potier

#2 - Handcrafted creations convey a story

Who has never observed, with amazed eyes, an artist in the middle of a work session? You only have to see his hands manipulating his tools with dexterity or to hear him speak with emotion about his work to understand how much this man or woman loves his/her job and invests him/herself to offer exceptional products, made with the heart.

Taking the time to discover the people behind handmade objects often reveals beautiful stories of life: a family tradition, a teenager's passion that has become a vocation, an encounter with an artist who has changed everything, a worker in search of meaning who now dedicates himself entirely to his passion, ... This is how passionate, self-taught artists learn, alongside artists with a vocation undergoing specialized training. The latter pass on something that cannot be learned from books alone. "Look", "Touch", "Feel". There are as many learning paths as there are life stories in the world of the handmade object, but there is always one thing in common: experience gained through trial and error, repetition of gestures over and over again to reach the joy of eventually obtaining the desired result. This transmission and the life story of the artist will guide his artistic choices, his choice of techniques and especially each of his gestures. This is what we are referring to when we say "We recognize the paw of such and such artist". These stories and this deep passion give an incomparable cachet to craft products. And that's how we end up being unable to resist from touching the objects made by the hands of a craftsman. Running your hand over worked wood and textured ceramics. I'm sure you know what I'm referring to?

#3 -You offer an original and unique object

By offering an artistic creation, you are not buying an industrial object offered in countless copies in the retail store. You choose to offer a different gift with an exclusive character that you know has been created with passion, using quality materials and precious know-how. Tell the story of where the gift came from. This moment of sharing will remain engraved! And it will provide you with a fantastic first subject of conversation with your invited audience!

Différent, unique, original

Attrape rêve réalisé à la main

#4 - It makes you travel and offers dreams

Crafts, Art, Culture... It's the story of dreaming about a passion. The story of men and women with a creative spirit! Without this habit to travel in a world where imagination and gestures meet each other, craftsmanship would not exist. Creation itself would not exist. Yet, that's how the human being: he likes to imagine and create. When you fall in love with a piece of craftsmanship, you have already left for its imaginary world. So... start dreaming!

#5 - It helps to develop the activity of a Belgian craftsman

What if the creator of the gift you are about to give was your friend? Your cousin? A friend of a friend? The local brewer? Behind his art, there is the work of a passionate person, who shares his sensitivity, imagination and know-how. Our small country is full of talent. Bringing them to life contributes to the development of our regions, may one day lead to the creation of local employment and ensures that rare skills do not disappear forever. What a great gift to support them in their activity!

Artisan Brasseur - image par Cerda Debbie

#6 - You make a responsible purchase

It's very down to earth, but choosing a craft gift is also about :

  • Choosing products that are crafted to last
  • Knowing the true origin of your gift
  • Contributing to sustainable development by avoiding to enter the unsustainable cycle of "I consume to exist"
  • Encouraging recycling because a true craftsman will always try to limit wasting raw materials he has so carefully selected

#7 - You spread local culture, art and know-how around you and that's precious!

This last point is my favorite one. By buying handicrafts, you contribute to perpetuating a know-how that promotes the art, crafts and culture of a city, region or country and its identity. You contribute to spreading the know-how and traditions of a local art or craft in your own region. By offering unique and original objects that few people possess, you allow people around you to discover things they may not have known about in the first place. That's also what sharing is all about!

Tournage de la porcelaine sur le tour de potier - Elephantom

During the holiday season, we often tend to go for as many gifts as possible. It's called the Christmas frenzy. It's as if a tree stand covered with gifts was a guarantee of more sharing and love in return. And yet, a single well-chosen object that both shows your loved one you've actually taken the time to ask yourself what would truly please him or her and that also conveys a story related to his or her values, is much more likely to please him or her. A handcrafted, original and unique gift that he or she will be able to keep for a long time in order to keep the memory of that moment alive. With a bit of luck, he or she may even be able to pass it on to the next generation, along with the memory of the moments shared. A true gift offered with the heart!


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