Why Elephantom.Design?

It will probably surprise you, but it is not related at all to the expression "Like an elephant in a china shop"! Elephantom is a contraction of the words "Elephant" and "Om".


It is the important significance of the elephant for thousands of years in many cultures that has guided me. I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that the elephant is probably one of the largest and strongest animals on our planet. It is known for its compassion and altruism.

It has other qualities that make it an animal that attracts me and makes me think a lot about clay working. The Elephant exhibits a quiet strength :they are gentle giants that show great care for their herd, their offspring and their elders. Their sensitivity, wisdom and stability appeal to me because they are all necessary qualities for a ceramist. The elephant is also very slow to anger. They are generally calm and gentle creatures unless, of course, their young or their herd is threatened.


They are for me a symbol of calm, stability and patience. Qualities that I need when I have to wait two full days before I can reopen the kiln in the workshop, while waiting for it to cool down.



The symbol "Om" and the Om song have a sacred meaning in many Eastern cultures and religions. It is a symbol of peace, tranquility and unity. Pronounced A-U-M, it makes our vocal cords and lungs vibrate and induces beneficial effects on the body. In the name Elephantom, it evokes the meditative effects of working the clay.

Elephantom thus naturally came to my mind, one summer evening, after a few hours of throwing on the potter's wheel. The meditative effect of working the clay evoked to me the symbolism both of "Om" or "Aum" and of the elephant which is for me a pillar of calmness, firmly grounded to the earth. Elephantom.Design refers to a lifestyle combining craftsmanship with calm and modernity.

You now know why I have chosen this name.

I hope to see you again soon to share moments of my life in the workshop.



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