Coffee cup - anthracite stoneware - 150 ml - handmade • Basalt Basalt Collection

A raw contemporary style for this anthracite stoneware coffee cup by Elephantom.Design. Characteristic of the Basalt collection, their cylindrical shapes and rough textures add a touch of personality! Enjoy a warm coffee while feeling the raw touch of a hand-thrown creation.

Ø 7 cm • H 7 cm • V 150 ml

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In pictures

  • Coffee cup - anthracite stoneware - 150 ml - handmade • Basalt
  • Coffee cup - anthracite stoneware - 150 ml - handmade • Basalt
  • Coffee cup - anthracite stoneware - 150 ml - handmade • Basalt

Data sheet

color of the clay Charcoal Grey
Glaze Black
Diameter 7 cm
Height 7 cm
Capacity 150 ml
Material Stoneware
Manufacturing process Wheel Thrown
Dishwasher safe Yes
Microwave resistant Yes

More info

• Wheel thrown pottery cups •

These coffee cup duos are entirely handmade in the Elephantom.Design workshop in Belgium. These creations are part of the Basalt collection, a small collection of hand textured anthracite stoneware ceramics. They are the outcome of a wish to offer a range of tactile sensations in a simple way. They are minimally glazed in order to be practical and useful, while offering the possibility to feel the tactile sensations provided by the reliefs imprinted on the stoneware. Ideal sensations to make each coffee time a unique moment!

• Stoneware ceramics are on the up and up •

Stoneware... trendy again

Recently, artisanal ceramics have made a big comeback in our interiors. Which home decoration magazine doesn't present any in its pages? This trend highlights the necessity to go back to a smarter way of consuming, privileging quality rather than quantity. The need to put back the human self at the heart of creative acts.

Unique objects rather than uniform ones. An authentic slowlife spirit that reminds us that craftsmanship can also be fashionable.

Stoneware... with a long heritage

As you can imagine, handmade stoneware objects are nothing new! Working with clay is the first " art of fire " to appear in history. Metallurgy and glasswork were only used much later. It was first fired in China.

Today, it is suitable for anyone who wants to make their interior more authentic. Stoneware is often chosen by potters for its solidity and watertightness. Composed of clay with a high silica content, its second firing at over 1200°C allows the earth to vitrify, making it particularly resistant. Its watertightness allows it to be used for containers such as cups, teapots, vases and flower pot holders.

Stoneware... to elicit feelings

There are several types of ceramics: stoneware, porcelain, faience. Their specific characteristics are due to their components and their firing temperature.

  • Porcelain is the finest ceramic, it is more delicate, sometimes translucent and often considered to be more precious.
  • Faïence seduces those who are looking for a porous and opaque object. It is also more fragile.
  • Stoneware has more character. It allows to play more easily with textures, colors and shapes. More authentic, it enables the creation of more tactile pieces which you will enjoy holding with your hands.

• Little tips for an elegantly set table decoration design •

Industrial or contemporary style, stoneware tableware can be used for everyday use as well as for a festive table. The stoneware cups, goblets, plates and salad bowls will be highlighted by a sober table decoration.

The stoneware tableware Basalt by Elephantom.Design can be placed directly on a wooden table, a linen tablecloth or a white table runner. To be sophisticated, simply add alluring cutlery, a beautiful hand-made salad bowl, or handsome napkins.


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